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Dear Pioneers and esteemed Entrepreneurs,

The Pioneers’ Club PCU was founded in 2003 by PCU Zurich as a non-profit organization in order to promote exchange of experience and expertise between young and established entrepreneurs alike.
Focussing on innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, the PCU provides Pioneers with a valuable, international and intersectoral network with above-average potential. This exclusive networking platform gives Pioneers the opportunity to meet each other at events or on the PCU Community Platform, to expand their personal network in a targeted way and to take advantage of the diverse entrepreneurial services offered by the PCU. More than 800 Pioneers (founders of start-ups from different sectors) benefit from our network.

Are you a young or established entrepreneur? Do you meet our acceptance criteria? Do you want to benefit from our events and meet brilliant entrepreneurs?

Then you’d best register now at PCU
(registration does not constitute club membership and is basicly free of charge).





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